Project 365

Published December 31, 2012 by Rob in Project 365

What is Project 365? Simply put, Project 365 is committing to taking one photo a day for a year. Whether you’re using a fancy DSLR, or simply using your phone, there is no wrong or right way to put together your own Project 365. There are a variety of great sites you can use to share your photos, to find inspiration and keep up with other photographers’ efforts. Why you should do it? There are a lot of different reasons why you would choose to create your own Project 365. It can serve as a photo diary, giving you a […]

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Day 8

Published January 8, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Today I managed to capture the infamous ghost train!  It was awesome.

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Corks n Candle

Published January 7, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Day number seven. Capturing a flame.

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Day 6

Published January 6, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Today started at 0200, way too early.  Broke some glass casserole dishes, lost some blood, but I wound up with this.

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Day 5

Published January 5, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Took quite a few pictures today, but I’m going to have to go with our cat laughing at me.

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The Stars

Published January 4, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Tonight I’m taking a picture of the stars, since it’s so clear out! That’s why I’m showing a drop.  The whole process of shooting the stars was a flub.  

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Sponsored by Coca-Cola

Published January 3, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Well, here’s a few of the bazillion coke products we have around the house.  Trying to get the lighting right is crazy with glass.  Reflections all over the place.  I’ll figure it out someday.  

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First Nude Portrait

Published January 2, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

Well, here’s day 2 of Project 365, and I finally found a model that didn’t mind posing nude.  So I took full advantage of her.  I’ve been working on getting the lighting just right for portraits, and I think I got this one right.  Only 363 days to go!  

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Happy New Year!

Published January 1, 2013 by Rob in Project 365

The very first photo of my 365 Project. Had a fun time at the Pro Bowl West in Fort Wayne, Indiana with family and friends.  Bowling all night until it was finally next year!  My arm was so tired by the end. This photo was taken after midnight on New Years eve, so it can count as being taken today!

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